Writing + Editing Services

I offer professional writing, editing, and proofreading services to authors, businesses, agencies, students, and other individuals. I provide the highest quality of care for books (both fiction and non-fiction), papers, theses, business documents, blog content, and short stories.  I understand there are thousands of ways to write a single sentence, but only one way that’s yours.

Here’s a list of writing and editing services available to you:

  1. Specialized Blog Content (Law Firms, Medical Companies, Entrepreneurs, Government Agencies, etc.)
  2. Professional Journal Reports and Articles
  3. Magazine Articles
  4. Blog Articles and Web Content
  5. Television Scripts
  6. Graphic Novel/Comic Book Scripts
  7. Radio/Podcast/Webinar Scripts
  8. YouTube Scripts
  9. Screenplays
  10. Websites
  11. Television
  12. Print Media
  13. Columns
  15. Grants
  16. Mission Statements
  17. Web Content
  18. Copy
  19. Personal or Corporate Bios
  20. Creative Bios (Authors, Bands, Musicians, Artists, Comedians, Actors, etc.)
  21. Catalogue and Product Descriptions
  22. Book Reviews
  23. Music Reviews
  24. Art Reviews
  25. Band/Musician/Artist Bios
  26. Creative Marketing Materials
  27. Business Plans
  28. Policies & Procedures (SOPs)


Professional Proofreading Services

Clients who require a freelance proofreader are generally authors who need book editing services, students needing dissertation or thesis help, or businesses or individuals developing an important document.  Proofreading is a critical step before submission or publication, and our proofreading services fully prepare your book, paper, or document for the process.

Professional Editing Services

My online editing services specialize in correcting documents while inserting suggestions and writing minor text. All editing services provided by a copy editor (fiction book editing, non-fiction book editing, children’s book editing, poetry editing) or nonfiction copy editor (autobiography editing, biography editing, article editing) fall under the category of general editing. I also provide specialized technical/scientific editing services.

Professional Writing Services

I create professional content for your website or business.  Capable of taking your concept and turning it into well-written text that both demonstrates your professionalism and entices readers, I take the time to craft exceptional content.

As a professional writer, editor, and proofreader, I am dedicated to preserving your voice and turning your great idea into well-written content.  Whether you’re an author who needs his or her book edited, a student requiring thesis editing services, an individual requiring one-time business writing or copy editor help, a magazine in need of an editor, or a large company that needs assistance with overflow, my online writing, editing, and proofreading services can help.

To receive a free online editing and proofreading services quote for your project, please Contact Me